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15/02/2019. Innovation Hub - Guanajuato has an innovation center in the aerospace sector

Optimen inaugurated its innovation center, a space dedicated to the development of competencies in the aeronautical sector.

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07/11/2018. ITESG

A conference was held where the services offered by optimen and the experience of a recent graduate in the aeronautical field were exposed.

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23/08/2017. Santiago, Chile

Breaking paradigms! Optimen and the training program without Borders making presence in Santiago de Chile, Thanks to LATAM and the Secretary of Economic Development Sustenable (SDES) for the opportunity.

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05/10/2017. Foro Go Innovation

Participation of Optimen in Foro Go.

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06/12/2016. Grand Opening

Optimen is a Guanajuato company that opened its offices in order to provide services to the aeronautical industry through a training center to train engineers and programmers in the field.

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